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Internationale Congressen

“Discovering personal womanhood an manhood: breaking free from ancestral cultural limitations and finding your own identity”

You will discover your belief systems and expectations that you have built through your male and female ancestors and the society or societies you have lived in. After that you will identify you own vision, beliefs and longings. This workshop is about expressing yourself and making your own choices.

Young SIETAR’s Annual congress “The intercultural Link to the Future”
Bratislava and Liptov, Slovakia


“From intercultural experience to intercultural excellence”

In this workshop you will learn to transform your intercultural experience into intercultural excellence. Use your personal strengths and intercultural experiences as resources and treasure them in order to reach intercultural excellence.

Young SIETAR’s annual congress “The 21st century - The electronic age of intercultural communication/relations ”
Berlin, Germany


“Peace building: Women and men in different cultures”

In this workshop you will experience the impact of cultural differences influence on how we live and communicate as men and women. Through simple, yet powerful exercises you will have the opportunity to share the strengths and wisdom of your gender with the other gender. Also you will experience new ways of communicating. An opportunity to experiment on peace building in your personal life.

Young SIETAR’s annual congress “New Trends in Interculturalism: From Research and Training to Peacebuilding and beyond”
Zadar , Croatia


“Group Dynamics in Intercultural Training”

* To learn group dynamics in theory
* To experience group dynamics
* To anticipate group dynamics as a trainer

* Overview of different views on Group Dynamics
* Sharing experiences in training: how does group dynamics influence your training?
* Creating and experiencing group dynamics in your own group

* Train the trainer, Centre for Personal Growth and Development, Portugal, 2003
* Train the trainer, Boertien and Partners, 2001
* Professional training experience with different groups and subjects

Young SIETAR, TOIT (Training Of Intercultural Trainers)
Rotterdam, The Netherlands


“Love across cultures, an intercultural striptease...”

How is love expressed in different cultures? What expectations are met and which not? Discover different ways of love across cultures; love between lovers, in friendships, from parents to children and love for your self. An intercultural experience in which you peal off layer after layer....and have fun!

Young SIETAR’s annual congress “Intercultural or interpersonal: where does personality end & culture begin?”
Benageber, Valencia, Spain


“The role of gender in conflict. Finding your contribution to co-create peace...”

In this workshop we will explore the role of gender in conflict. In each one of us, we have a masculine and a feminine side. How do they work together in yourself? And how is this reflecting in your outer world? Also we explore how male and female energy feels like. How can we respect and understand the essence of it? Especially in conflict. Find out more about the polarities of male and female energies, and explore the melting of male and female energy in a neutral powerful force.

Young SIETAR’s annual congress “Finding Unity within our Cultural Diversity”
Belfast, Northern Ireland


“The pursuit for happiness: evidence based tools for expanding wellbeing, vitality and engagement”

Happiness has many forms: flow, well being, empowerment…. Increasing companies have integrated health & wellbeing in their policy. Vitality, engagement and innovation are considered key priorities to create ‘human capital’. Happiness is the new business model: happy people are more effective in life.

Many scientists have researched tools for expanding happiness. Among them:

  • Professor Martin Seligman is founder of the Positive Psychology. Find out about his new theory of wellbeing and start to use his tools
  • Research of Professor Sonja Lyubomirsky has shown that you can increase your happiness up to 40% yourself. The same outcome appeared in a recent Dutch research conducted among 50.000 respondents. Get at the steering wheel and discover how to increase your happiness
  • Integrate the power of positivity as proven by Professor Barbara Frederickson in her Positive Emotions and Psychophysiology Laboratory (a.k.a., PEP Lab) and learn how to hold on to sustainable happiness based on her broaden- and build theory.
  • Engage in your relationship to Life, as practiced by the international accredited nonviolent communication trainer Robert Gonzales and his Beauty of Needs approach.

As a result of this workshop you will gain deeper insight, practical knowledge and more experience in the pursuit for happiness.

Sietar USA Conference
Orlando, Florida, USA,

“Integration of conflicting sides”

“If you can only own the Light in you and deny the Dark in you, then the Dark will come to rule you. Because you are unwilling to deal with your own shadow, you will project it onto others and call them ‘bad’.” Danaan Perry, Warriors of the Heart.

In this workshop you will have the opportunity to integrate two conflicting sides in you, so you can start to ‘own’ the side in you that you are bothered by. Learn the positive intentions and the overall goal, which is necessary for synthesis and cooperation of different parts in you.

American and European Earth Stewards Gathering
Washington DC, USA


“Essential Peacemaking Women and Men” 2,5 day training

“ I believe it's because this work - the healing of the rifts between men and women - is at the core of what the world is crying out for in these days” Jane Velten

This seminar is given by two men and two women. It is an opportunity to let go of old wounds, to express yourself in your full male or female power and heal yourself in a deeper layer. Sharing anxiety and needs in a safe environment and having a look in the ‘other (men’s or women’s) world’ can be the seed for surprising experiences in the future.

American and European Earth Stewards Gathering
Washington DC, USA


“Girls an boys, Men and Women; Questions and Answers”

What you always wanted to know and never dared to ask... .

Lot of opportunities to talk about girls topics, ask questions and get honest answers of boys...

Experience the difference between female and male energy

Fulfil exercises about (mis)communication between men and women and get tools for listening and talking in sensitive situations!

Earth Stewards Peace Trees Gathering
Al-Kahder, Palestina



Veronique Kilian was the initiator and founder of Young Sietar. Young Sietar is a network organisation for young professionals in the field of intercultural management, training and research.

In 1997 the founding congress When Cultures Connect took place in Amsterdam. In the preface of the congress manual she wrote: “My reason to start Young Sietar is the longing to connect to young professionals (to be) in the field of intercultural relations, to be among my own generation. My thought was that graduates and professionals could learn from each other, and this thought could materialize in Young Sietar.”